Homeopathic Supplements – Better than caffeine!

There are many different ways that may help you stay awake, but none work like or are as natural as Homeopathic Supplements.

Homeopathic supplements were founded in 1796 by a German Physician Samuel Hahnemann. Being a form of natural, alternative medicine these supplements are safe and made of many herbs found naturally in nature. You can use these supplements for almost anything, however one of the best ways to use them is to relieve nervousness and to help you stay awake.

Homeopathic supplements work from “the Law of Similars” as “like cures like.” This works by giving the body something that might make it sick in small doses, than slowly the body will become immune to it. This works just as a vaccination works. The more you give your body in diluted small doses, the more your body will become immune to whatever troubles you.

Homeopathic supplements may contain many different herbs, however some of the most common ingredients to help cure sleepiness are zinc, wild lavender, ambregris, and phosphoric acid.

Zinc, is great for exhaustion or nervous strain. Zinc is also great for helping ward off illness, which can be caused by exhaustion.
Wild lavender, also known as Agnus castus, helps remove anxiety, nervous tension, and help with mood changes which all can be annoyances when trying to stay up late.
Ambra Grisea is used to cure extensive nervousness. Nervousness is often caused by being extremely overtired or sleepy.
Phosphoric Acid is great for the mind. It helps relieve exhaustion and helps people who take it stay awake.

All of these ingredients combined in different ways help to relieve the stress and exhaustion of being up later than you body wants to to be. By taking these supplements you can slowly relieve yourself from the symptoms of sleepiness. This is much better than taking caffeine which can make you even more nervous, jittery, and irritable. All of which you DON’T want to be whenever you are trying to stay up late for a cram session or work.

All in all, homeopathic supplements to help you stay awake are a great choice for college students, people who work the graveyard shift, or people who generally suffer from the symptoms from sleepiness!

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