Stay Awake Naturally

Stay awake naturally with homeopathic remedies. They are all natural and free of unwanted and unknown chemicals. They will promote brain functions and clarity. Homeopathic supplements support alertness and calms your nerves. These products also help with memory and organization.

The ingredients in supplements can include Gotu cola, the herb found in Africa and Asia and a favorite food of elephants. It promotes healthy oxygen rich blood flow to the brain.

Another herb that is commonly used to keep people awake naturally is Panax Ginseng. This is used in ancient Chinese medicines to enhance physical and mental performance and endurance, by opening blood vessels and increasing heart performance.

Huang Qi is also seen in homeopathic remedies for a natural rejuvenating tonic. Huang Qi is used to increases oxygenated blood to the body cells.

We can also find another mineral compound of iron and phosphorus called Ferrum phosphoricum (D6) which helps in the heart and lungs with the exchange of oxygen in the blood to combat low energy.

B-12 can be used to maintain a healthy nervous system and promote oxygen rich blood supply to the brain to increase allertness.

ACAI helps support overall well-being and supports antioxidants. Along with standardized green tea extracts that contain flavonoids it also contains antioxidants.

L-arginine is a great source of energy to help keeps you awake and alert. It is an important amino acid found in immune function.

Also found in some homeopathic energy tonics is Ubiquinol, that when converted in the body promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

Any number of these supplements in any combination can be used to keep you awake naturally with out the sudden crash that caffeinated drinks can cause or the worry of dependence that illegal “uppers” can give us. They all help to support a healthy wakeful state for several hours, while keeping us oxygenated and energetic naturally.

We all look for a natural way to stay healthy. We all want to eat and drink the best combination of vitamins and minerals to get the best body nutrients that allows us to live, grow and perform to the best of our ability. Using the best homeopathic supplements everyday is the best decision you can make to get that performance.

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